Before registering for the SAAD Assessed Sedation Nurse scheme you should be registered to attend, or have already attended the SAAD National course.

The SASN scheme will commence from the date you attended the National course.  Once your fee has been paid and your supervisor(s) approved you will receive a link to the SASN webpage where you will have access to the documents you will need to complete along with guidance on their completion.  The date that the scheme is listed as commencing is approx. four weeks after the National course. This is the latest date that you would be able to commence the scheme. Any fees not received by that date may result in the registration being cancelled.  

The SAAD training schemes are outlined in an article that can be downloaded here. Please note that the final written assessment now takes place online and so it is not necessary to return to London for the final assessment.


SASN scheme registration links and deadlines... 

It is possible to submit documents and attend for the final assessment before the deadlines.